Stephanie Feldman, Pastry Chef

A native New Yorker, Stephanie Feldman originally went to school for graphic arts and design, but quickly discovered an itch to learn more about food. She enrolled in the Culinary program at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and did an externship in pastry. It wasn’t long into her education that Stephanie realized her true creativity and curiosity lay within the science and art of pastry.

“Cooking came easily for me” she says; “I wanted to do something that confused me—break it down to its basic parts and build it back up backwards and see what happens,” she said.

Stephanie began her career in New York City, at Alison Eighteen and Osteria Morini (with Chef Michael White) before moving down to Florida to join Chef Daniel Boulud’s pastry team at Café Boulud Palm Beach.

Her desserts can be described as “honest and straight forward,” with bold flavor and elegant presentations. “There’s value in the deconstructed dessert, and I use it from time to time, but sometimes what the customer really wants is a beautifully presented slice of cake.

When asked what her favorite item is to make, a quick response is French Macarons.

“Again, it’s the challenge,” she said. “Everything can affect the way the shells form, from the humidity in the air, to a 2-degree difference in the temperature of the oven, to how fine the almond flour is ground. It’s confounding, but such a joy when they come out perfectly.”

Stephanie joined the Royal Blues Team in August as baker and pastry chef. Coming from an art background she finds that the pastry arts allow her to be more creative and artistic. Braising, sautéing and grilling came naturally; it was baking, tempering, candying and food science that challenges her.

“I feel the need to conquer it and learn its secrets so that I can truly do anything I want and invent something that hasn´t been done before,” she said.