Matthew Mohler, Executive Chef

Growing up in a family of farmers in a small Indiana farming community, Matthew was inspired by his family’s love of cooking, using ingredients fresh from their farm. When, at the age of 17, he was invited by a family friend to help prep in the local country club’s kitchen, he jumped at the chance. The experience ignited a passion for food which led Chef Mohler to further his culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the “Harvard of the culinary community” as he likes to call it. While at the CIA, Chef Mohler also discovered a love for wine, which has a strong influence on his work in and out of the kitchen.

As Mohler evolved as a cook, so did his palate and interest in where food comes from and how it was raised. Under acclaimed Chef Yannick Cam at Le Paradou in Washington, D.C., Mohler’s appreciation grew for the subtle tastes that make a dish stand out, as well as the impact of artful presentation. Working for Group Ducasse also had a strong influence in Mohler’s straight-forward cooking style and use of simple flavors, as well as local and seasonal ingredients. He also credits his travels around the world, to such places as Madrid, London, Istanbul, and Moscow and Paris, where Mohler had the opportunity to get a behind the scene several restaurants as well as many of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants.

Having a Diplom from the International Sommelier Guild, Mohler feels the identification of flavors in wine and food is a similar skill and art. He loves how chefs and winemakers put a little bit of themselves into their work when producing a product, whether it is a beautiful plate or a gorgeous wine, depending on their unique interpretations. It was this passion for wine, as well as the impact it has on a guest’s overall dining experience, that led him to take on the role of sommelier and dining manager at the high-powered Chevy Chase Club, where he developed the club’s wine list featuring many local and boutique, hard-to-find winemakers.

Only recently returning from Russia after a four year stay, opening and working in the Hyatt Regency during the Olympics and opening year of Formula One Circuit in Sochi, has Chef Mohler decided to take on the role of Executive Chef at Restaurant Chanson.